Platform semitrailers

S.PL, The semitrailer for weatherproof goods

Agos Servizi Rimorchi offers its costumers 3 different kind of platform semitrailers, that differ for their use. Your needs will define which will be the most suitable platform for you.

Whether COIL, BAU or MODULOS GENIOS the platforms are built respecting the highest standards of Schmitz Cargobull quality, that works with the best suppliers for the components of all its trailers (for example, Wabco, Jost and Knorr) to give the best quality in every aspect.

Custom platform semitrailers

Agos offers not only the stark platform, but provides also, thanks to its knowledge and experience, personalized features to assure its costumers a successful vehicles.

Buying Schmitz Cargobull platform and personalizing it with Agos means having a vehicle built according to the most specific needs and maintaining great value all over the time.

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